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Dabond T-135 Polyester Thread, 4oz Cones (Sold per Each)

Dabond T-135 Polyester Thread, 4oz Cones (Sold per Each)


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Dabond T-135 Polyester Thread, 4oz Cones

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PN DPT135-4
Burgundy-BU Marine Blue-MRB Scarlett-SC
Thread colors are matched to Pantone colors but may show differently on your screen. If you need to match color either send us a fabric sample or ask us to match a fabric you're ordering as closely as possible.

T-135 polyester thread

Polyester thread looks, feels, and performs like nylon thread but has superior resistance to sunlight (UV), moisture and mildew. This makes polyester thread the first choice for sewing, binding or wrapping anything that is consistently used outdoors or in moist areas. Polyester thread:

  • Has excellent resistance to mildew and aging.
  • Its resistance to sunlight (UV) is superior to nylon. But, there may be some loss of strength with prolonged sunlight exposure.
  • Is as strong as nylon thread.
  • Stands up to heat but is not fire retardant. It sticks at 445°F, and melts at 483°F.
  • Polyester thread has excellent resistance to bleaches and other oxidizing agents and is generally insoluble.
  • Polyester thread has excellent resistance to bleaches and other oxidizing agents and most mineral acids and weak alkalis.
Size T-135 Middle weight polyester thread used for sewing awnings, boat covers, auto interiors, patio furniture, sails and tents. Tensile strength is 18 pounds. Very noticeable stitching. Normally requires a commercial sewing machine. Use a size 22 or 24 needle. Thread diameter - 0.0170 inches.

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