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3.0mm Lexcell CC Foam Rubber - Black (Sold per 1/2 Sheet)

3.0mm Lexcell CC Foam Rubber - Black (Sold per 1/2 Sheet)


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Lexcell CC closed cell foam rubber by Yulex is the world's first natural, plant-based replacement for polychloroprene (aka neoprene) foam. Originally created in partnership with Patagonia for their neoprene-free wetsuit.

Lexcell CC and its range of applications have grown steadily ever since the commercial launch with Patagonia, winning multiple surf industry and environmental awards, trade and international recognition.

Lexcell CC is now the first choice by global brands looking for higher performing, environmentally friendly and plant-based replacements for synthetics.

*Recycled black nylon fabric is laminated to both sides*

This is made in sheets that are approximately 47" x 82" ±5% in size.


  • Plant-based, high performing elastomeric foam with a closed cell structure
  • Available with one or two side lamination or combination of texture and lamination
  • Easily cuts, lasers, die stamps, glues and sews just like neoprene foams, but better
  • Unparalleled flexibility, durability, and application performance
  • Lexcell polymers are biodegradable
  • Cushioning, impact, and vibration absorption
  • Exceptional elongation, low density and water resistance (closed cell)
  • Wide range of firmness: from extremely soft to highly firm
  • Thermal control, warmth retention through air flow


    • M edical device products like sport braces
    • Hand grip padding and covers
    • Excellent choice for footwear in action sports, water sports, military and fashion
    • Fashion and active-purpose handbags, backpacks, electronic device cases and accessories
    • Furniture seat coverings and cushions
    • Automotive seating and interior covers
    • Electronic and mobile device cases

    Product Specs

    Stock Description


    Sales Unit


    Nominal Width

    47 inch (119cm) 5% Tolerance

    Nominal Weight

    Thickness (Inches)




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    Roll/Box Size

    ~ 7 feet



    DWR Finish

    Don't forget your zipper, hardware, and notions...

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