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1.5 Inch (38mm) VELCRO® Sew-on Tape Fastener Loop (Sold per Yard)

1.5 Inch (38mm) VELCRO® Sew-on Tape Fastener Loop (Sold per Yard)


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Product Details

1.5Inch Sew-on Tape Fastener Loop

Meets Mil-Spec AA55126A

Physical Characteristics
Test Material: 100% Nylon Touch Fastener
Heat Resistance Melting point: Hook 230°C ,Loop 180C Maintains normal bonding performance during 1000 hours at the temperature of 93°C to 56.7°C.
Cold Resistance Still works when temperature is -20°C, and the lower the temperature is, the larger the strength becomes, but with a decrease in durability.
Water Resistance Retains 50% of closure strength in water and recovers 100% of strength after drying.
Chemicals Resistance Alkali: Within 50% of Alkaline Soda. Within 28% of Ammonia.
Acid: Within 2.5% of Hydrochloric Acid,15% of Sulphuric Acid, and 3.5% of Nitric Acid.
Color Fastness
Test Material: 100% Nylon Touch Fastener
Testing Mode Testing Standard Grade
Color Fastness to Washing AATCC-61-1980-II A 3.5
Color Fastness to Crocking AATCC-TEST METHOD 8-1980 3.5
Strength Test
Test Material: 100% Nylon Touch Fastener
Strength / Wheel Cycle Peel Strength
Lengthwise (g/cm)

Shear Strength Lengthwise (g/cm)
Original 250 850
1000 Times 215 740
3000 Times 182 688
5000 Times 165 637

Product Specs

Stock Description

Standard Item

Sales Unit

Linear Yard

Nominal Width

1.5 inch

Nominal Weight

0.3 oz/ sq yd

Thickness (Inches)




Country of Origin




Roll/Box Size




DWR Finish

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