What is CORDURA® fabric and how durable is it?

History of Cordura® Fabric 
The fabric we know as Cordura®—a registered trademark of Invista™-- was originally developed by DuPont in 1929, and is well-known for its durability and resistance to tears and abrasions. Although Cordura® was originally introduced as a type of rayon, it was further advanced during World War II, being used by the military in the manufacturing of tires. Beginning in 1966, new formulations of nylon proved highly superior, and the Cordura® brand was transferred to this nylon product. When researchers developed a method of dyeing Cordura® fabric, even more commercial applications opened up. 1979 saw Cordura™® fabric being used in the soft-sided luggage market; JanSport™ began using the canvas-like nylon in their original daypacks—and still use the fabric in their products today.

Today, Cordura® fabric is commonly used in everything from luggage and backpacks, to boots, military and performance apparel, as well as motorcycle clothing and essentially anywhere where abrasion resistance is an important concern. Cordura® fabrics are used extensively in all branches of the military and law enforcement applications as well. Cordura’s® extreme durability finds it being used even in airplane upholstery, which takes a beating day after day, year after year. Your first source for Cordura® fabrics, in a wide variety of weights and colors should always be rockywoods.com. 

Types of Cordura® Fabric
Retailers and militaries around the world choose Cordura® fabric when durability, versatility and reliability are critical. The Cordura® fabric market today offers an incredibly wide range of constructions and weights as well as Cordura® fabric that is specifically designed for tear-resistance, light-weight durability or color retention in typical fading situations. Weight-for-weight, Cordura® fabric is remarkably durable, and currently available in a wide range of weights, from ultra-light to heavy weight. Regular Cordura® fabric weighs in at about 11 oz. per yard, and is lightweight and breathable, as well as incredibly soft, adding comfort to its long list of virtues. Our company, rockywoods.com, offers Cordura® fabric in many fabric constructions and weights such as: Ultra-lightweight nylon ripstop in 30,70 and 100 denier, nylon/cotton blends for workwear and denim, textured nylon bottom weights in 160 and 330 denier, lightweight nylon packcloths in 210 and 420 denier, textured nylon or polyester packcloths in 300,500 and 1000 denier, and in heavyweight nylon ballistic fabrics in weights of 630, 840 and 1050 denier.

Qualities and Care of Cordura® Fabric
If you are searching for a high performance fabric, search no more. When compared with other fabrics where durability is a deciding factor, Cordura® fabrics are ten times more durable than cotton duck fabric, two times more durable than standard nylon and three times more durable than standard polyester fabric. Most all apparel products made with Cordura® fabric can be machine washed and dried on a low setting, while luggage, backpacks and upholstery can be spot cleaned with an approved spray cleaner.

Rockywoods.com specializes in fabrics which allow you to make your own outdoor gear and clothing—and offers samples for almost all fabrics. Many people are not even aware how often Cordura® is implemented in products they commonly use, leading to a recent advertising campaign from Cordura® which offers the slogan, “As Long As the World is Full of Durable People, We’ll Keep Making Durable Fabrics.” It is hoped this new slogan will lead to a heightened awareness of the many ways Cordura® fabrics make our lives better and easier. Because Rockywoods.com fully recognizes that if it’s built to take serious punishment and last a lifetime, it’s probably made with Cordura® fabric, they offer the fabric with pride. Along with its outstanding qualities such as tear resistance, water repellency, and incredibly long life, Rockywoods.com offers Cordura® fabric in the following colors and prints: black, blue indigo, Woodland camo, blaze camo, fluorescent orange, neon lime, neon pink, predator brown, timber, teal green, mossy oak, grey, white, desert, tiger stripe, desert camo, Danish camo, Swiss camo, Korean camo, seedling green and real tree. Rockywoods.com carries Cordura® with a PVC coating, in waterproof breathable nylon and in a flame retardant fabric. The different types of Cordura® fabric come in different weights and colors, but the selection is flat-out amazing. Rockywoods.com is an Authorized Cordura® fabric distributor, and your first stop for excellent choices and excellent prices on an outstanding fabric.