How can I get samples?

We have sample swatches available for almost all of our fabrics, and these are orderable online.  On each fabrics page, you should find an option of buying the respective unit, or buying a sample. If you don't see a "Sample Swatch" option, let us know and we should be able to add one within minutes.

Please note that samples are approximately 3" square to provide you color and texture. We carry a very large inventory of fabric but some of it changes constantly (literally daily) with new fabrics, weights, manufacturers, dye lots, etc.

We provide samples of what we currently have in stock but cannot guarantee what we have in stock going forward. Getting samples for a far distant purchase may not be very helpful to you if you're set on a particular color shade. Our website is updated several times a week and may be the best measure of availability. 

You can also pick from one of our pre-made sample sets that will include all the currently available fabrics in a particular category like Cordura or Eco Friendly fabrics.