Does Rockywoods provide tracking numbers for your shipments?

Rockywoods provides package tracking numbers on all packages where available.  Only First Class Mail does not get a tracking number.

We email a "Sales Receipt" upon shipping and in the upper right hand corner of the sales receipt there is an entry labeled "Tracking #."

  • US Priority Mail and First Class packages will have a number format like 94055102XXX28627419499 for US shipments and CJ2258XXX44US if the destination is outside the US
  • FedEx will have a format that looks like 39418XXX5037416 or 7941XXX66061 if it is a non-US destination
  • FedEx SmartPost will have a format that looks like 029270036XXX05264677

If you copy that tracking number and paste it into your browsers search block it should find it and lead you to the appropriate shipper's website.