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1000m spool of Gutermann MARA 100 Micro Core Technology® 100% polyester thread (Sold per Each)

1000m spool of Gutermann MARA 100 Micro Core Technology® 100% polyester thread (Sold per Each)

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100% Polyester - Micro Core Technology®

The special Gütermann Mara 100 sewing threads are absolutely reliable in automatic sewing. They are a "Tex30" thread and feature an excellent tensile strength, wear resistance and are of the highest regularity – it is made for the most beautiful seams.
  • Mara 100 is an all polyester thread
  • 1000m (1094 yd)spool
  • Recommended needle and needle size: universal needle NM 70 – 90.
  • Excellent running properties
  • Uniform thread
  • No spinning faults
  • High sheen
  • No hairiness, no residual deposits
  • Increased productivity due to less downtime spent cleaning
  • Nice for jackets, vests, coats, shorts, pants, and light packs, cases, and back packs.

Mix and match Mara 100 thread colors to get volume discount


000 Black 106 Yellow 13 Navy Blue 156 Red

165 Pale Peach 195 Clearwater Blue 208 Tan499 209 Ermine

237 Verdant Green 241 Coriander 269 Duffel Bag 310 Astral Aura

312 Royal Blue 315 Dazzling Blue 324 Gothic Grape 351 Vibrant Orange

368 Biking Red 3722 Fluorescent Orange 3835 Fluorescent Yellow 3837 Fluorescent Pink

384 Persian Red 3853 Fluorescent Green 391 Chalk Violet 412 Yam

432 Khaki 5396 Aquarius 610 Rutabaga 660 Crystal Rose

696 Puce 701 Gunmetal 707 Forest Green 800 White

851 Bronze Brown 854 Slate Green 912 Raspberry Radiance

Gutermann Mara 100 thread. One of the world’s finest threads, ideal for hand or machine-sewing. Available in spools of 1,097 yards and ideally suited for all materials and free of thick-and-thin areas, so Gutermann delivers 100% sewing security. The ultra-strong Gutermann Sew-All Thread is crafted from 100% premium polyester and greatly reduces fraying. No fiber fly and no abrasion!

Gutermann Mara 100 thread delivers impressive assembly and holding seams is used for fine and medium-grade fabrics and for swimwear, lightweight sports and leisure clothing. It is distinguished by its very high sewing dependability and excellent tensile strength and wear resistance. Gutermann Mara 100 thread features a fine cross-section for a extreme seam softness and very high tensile strength and wear resistance for durable seams. Quality manufacturing means a drastic reduction of dust deposits on machine components.

Professional and home sewers will enjoy continuous, carefree sewing with Gutermann’s snap-free quality, including sewing buttonholes and sewing on buttons! Plus, Gutermann Mara 100 thread is perfectly suited for overlock and safety seams. Manufactured in Germany to exacting specifications.

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