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500 Denier CORDURA® TRUELOCK™, Mil-Spec Nylon Fabric (Sold per Yard)

500 Denier CORDURA® TRUELOCK™, Mil-Spec Nylon Fabric (Sold per Yard)


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MIL-DTL-32439, Type 3, Class 3, Style A
(Also meets MIL-C-43734, Class 3)

Solution Dyed
Made in the USAMade in the USA
IR and Berry Compliant

Rockywoods is an authorized CORDURA® Nylon Fabric distributor

500DenierSolution Dyed CORDURA® Nylon fabric is a versatile nylon fabric with more strength and bulk than No. 10 Duck at little more than half the weight. CORDURA® Nylon is a textured nylon for a natural spun-like appearance, with excellent resistance to fading, abrasion, rot and mildew. Quick drying, and highly water repellent. Suggested Uses: Courier bags, insulated food service carriers, gun cases, stuff bags, camera bags, wallets, duffel bags, soft-sided luggage, purses, handbags, horse blankets, police and air and sea rescue supply bags, surfboard/ski carrying bags, sporting goods, dog beds and equipment.

What isTrueLock™?

  • CORDURATrueLockFabricis solution-dyed, which locks in color at the molten-polymer extrusion level, making it resistant to UV fading and frosting under abrasion for extended color vibrancy.
  • Featuring a non-shiny, matte appearance, CORDURATrueLockFabrictechnology not only locks in color, it ensures lot-to-lot and multi-component color consistency from batch to batch.
  • The same UV resistance that benefits color vibrancy also helps CORDURATrueLockFabricretain its strength after extended UV exposure, so its high-tenacity nylon 6,6 construction holds up over time.
  • Every 250,000 linear meters of fabric made of CORDURATrueLockFabriccan save more than 467,00 liters of water, 408,000 mega joules of energy and 26,845 kilograms of CO2.

    What's the difference?
    • Force Blue uses the Blue 9 TrueLock in the weft (yarns that run the width) and the Black TrueLock in the warp (yarns that run the length).
    • Force Blue is slightly darker than the Blue 9
    • Wide goods like the 500d and 1000d are Force Blue.
    • Narrow goods like webbing and grosgrain Blue 9.

    Product Specs

    Stock Description

    Standard Item

    Sales Unit

    Linear Yard

    Nominal Width

    57-60 inch (145-153 cm)

    Nominal Weight

    7.1 Oz/Sq Yd

    Thickness (Inches)




    Country of Origin




    Roll/Box Size






    DWR Finish


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