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Multiple Widths of FAST'N-IT™ Hook & Loop Wrap (Sold per Yard)

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FAST'N-IT™ Wrap has hook on one side and loop on the other. This construction allow for easy wrapping for storage, organization, and countless other applications. 


Hook Material 100% Nylon

Hook Height 0.015 in

Hook Density 896 ±5%/ in2

Total Thickness 0.055 in ± 0.01 in

Operating Temperature Range -4 ~ 220˚ F

Application Temperature Range -4 ~ 149˚ F

Test Method Test Results (Average)

ETN-21C Hook tested with ETB-09 Loop Peel Strength (lbs/in) >0.28 lbs/in

ETN-21C Hook tested with ETB-09 Loop Shear Strength (lbs/in2) >12.80 lbs/in2

Section 1Composition/ Information on Ingredients
Section 6Exposure Control/ Personal Protection

Chemical Name Nylon, Polyurethane
Engineering Control N/A Respiratory Protection Not required

Chemical Family Polyamides, Carbamate
Control Factors: TWA/ STEL/ CEILING N/A Protective Clothing Not required

Formula Proprietary
BIOTIC INDEX N/A Eye Protection Not required

Hazardous Components Mixture NA

Ventilation Not required

Section 2First-Aid Measures
Section 7Physical & Chemical Properties

Inhalation This product is essentially non-toxic and non-allergenic in normal use.
Appearance Solid; Tape

Skin and Eye Contact Product is unlikely to cause skin or eye irritation in normal use. Follow procedure for good industrial hygiene.
Odor Textile fabric – No odor

Emergency and First Aid Procedures If swallowed, follow established first aid procedures for ingestion of a foreign object.
pH Value NA

Vapor Pressure in MM HG NA

Section 3Fire-Fighting Measures
Vapor Density (Air=1) NA

Flash Point >752º F (closed cup)
Solubility in Water Insoluble in water

Flammable Limits Lower Explosive Limit NA
Specific Gravity 1.06~1.09

Upper Explosive Limit NA
Spontaneous Temperature >842º F

Extinguishing Media Use water mist, foam, carbon dioxide, or dry chemical
Decomposition Temperature >662 º F

Special Fire Fighting Procedures Firefighters and others who may be exposed to products of combustion should wear full protective clothing including self-contained breathing apparatus. Equipment should be thoroughly decontaminated after use.
Exposure Limits NA

Unusual Fire and Explosion Hazards Combustible thermoplastic material; may melt and drip and produce heavy smoke. Products of combustion can include carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, and unknown hydrocarbons.
Melting Point Nylon - 419°F (215°C)

Latex Free 100% Nylon

Section 4Accidental Release Measures

Personal Protection No immediate danger or harm present for a spill.
Section 8Stability & Reactivity

Environmental Protection In the event of a spill, please attempt to prevent product from fluttering to surrounding environment.
Stability Stable

Steps To Be Taken In Case Material Is Released Or Spilled Sweep and place in container for disposal as appropriate.
Conditions to Avoid Excessive heat and ignition sources

Materials to Avoid Strong oxidizing agents, acids, and bases

Section 5Handling & Storage
Hazardous Decomposition Products During burning heat decomposition process, gas such as phosphine, NOx, CO, CO2 and hydrolysis cyanide are produced.

Precautions To Be Taken in Handling & Storing Keep away from fire, strong oxidizing agents and wet areas; maintain ventilation and dry conditions.
Hazardous Polymerization Will not occur

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